MDC-T Reaction To Arrest Of Its Officials Strange

So there was a raid on the MDC-T premises this past weekend which led to the rest of four officials and a human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

The story has been active since then and there have been attempts to have the woman released.

The police say the raid had to do with MDC-T officials impersonating police officers and the existence of an illegal Non-Governmental Organisation under the guise of being a research and development arm of the Prime Minister’s party. Mtetwa was arrested because she ‘shouted’ at the police. We know how sensitive they are.

What is a wee-bit strange though is the reaction of the MDC-T. MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora said the arrest and subsequent raiding of the offices was a move aimed at souring the relations between the political parties in the Global Political Agreement.

What does that even mean? Are they suggesting that the police, who fall under a ministry which is run by ZANU-Pf and MDC-T has gone rogue. Normally they would be crying foul and saying all sorts of things about how President Robert Mugabe’s party is being mean to them.

The arrest has gotten blogger/activist/lawyer to write on her blog

The arrest of Beatrice Mtetwa could be a red herring. Don’t get me wrong, that is not to trivialise the enormity of what is being done here or what it means for women human rights defenders’ safety and security. But maybe those who instigated this arrest are drawing attention away from the Referendum, with the strange and ironic  contradiction of voter apathy in city centres where people had access to the draft, to the press, to political commentary online about the contents of the constitution as compared to the high (if I may abuse the word -voluminous) turnout in the areas with citizens who had the least access to the media in the form of newspapers, radio and televisions. Were they saying, “YES we don’t know what’s in the constitution but we will vote for it anyway” or  were they forced to say “Yes” or were they genuinely saying “YES we want the draft to be the new Constitution because we agree with its contents”? There is no prize for guessing which it is likely to be! But also maybe Beatrice’s arrest is targeted at drawing the world’s attention away from how a flawed process resulted in the flawed adoption of a flawed document courtesy of political parties’ turnabout from fighting for independence, freedom and democracy to POWER.

You can’t help but think that this is all a bit weird. Mind you, COPAC, through its twitter account claims 3.3 million people voted in the referendum.