MDC-N Says Defections Are Fake As If We Should Care

The Welshman Ncube led MDC-N is not taking reported defections from its party by Umzingwane Councillors down and has released a list of what it says Councillors masquerading as defectors.

11 Umzingwane Councillors were said to have defected to the more mainstream MDC-T.

It now says it ‘notes with particular concern and disdain the continuous falsification of party belonging and or membership, and the alleged termination of such membership by various former members of the party’.

It also added that some of them had defected 5 or 6 times from its party and therefore were what they termed ‘career defectors’. It also said that the same councillors had been reported as having defected from its party in an article in the Sunday News dated 31 December 2011.

We think this defection business is now played out. It is no longer interesting and is subject to some sort of serious discretion. The only way it is worth making the news is if the defection is seismic, like a high-level party member walking across the floor, not kicked out of their party, but just walks across. Otherwise, at lower level, when you think of it, most people don’t even know who their MP is, so it is not as if that defections will result in one voting one way or the other.

It is what it is, my guy.

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