Marijuana Sales To Be Controlled By State In Uruguay

The Uruguayan government has come up with a new way to regulate marijuana. The state will commercialise and sell it.

In a world first the state has proposed to take control the production, distribution and commercialisation of the herb. Also imposed was a maximum for the number of 40 marijuana ‘cigarettes’ per month that could be consumed by an individual. Anything more than that would mean the individual needs to check into a rehab centre.

Said Defence Minister Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro:

It is a fight on both fronts: against consumption and drug trafficking. We think the prohibition of some drugs is creating more problems to society than the drug itself.

While many may be shocked by this move we think that is a rather bold and clever move. When something is criminalised it turns to have other ripple effects beyond the drug itself. Think guns, robbery and other criminal activities to support the ‘industry’. When you look at draconian drug laws they tend to punish the consumers more than the distributors. This move cuts profits from traffickers and gives the casual user their fix.

Personal use of marijuana was already decriminalised in the country.

For us, while we think all types of smoking is poison, we think that in terms of a cost-benefit analysis when dealing with the wider social implications this may be a move in the right direction for the state.

Not that we would suggest the same for harder drugs though…

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