Malema Eyes ANC Leadership

Expelled ANCYL President Julius Malema says he wants to be the leader of the ANC.

Malema, who was last month expelled from the party says he wants it on record that he intends to lead the ANC.

Various news sources quote him as saying:

I will lead this ANC. You must put it on the archive. I am going to be a leader of the African National Congress.

He did not put a time-frame on when he intended to attain this position. He however said that being a leader meant heading one of the  provincial structures.

Malema was expelled after being found guilty of sowing division within the party. He maintains that he is a victim of political persecution.

However, for him to say something of this sort it must mean he has some plan to get himself back in the game. As it stands it seems as if the odds are firmly stacked against him.

But with Julius, you never know.

And here is something even more interesting. A Malema statement was sent through an official ANC email.

Source: TimesLIVE

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