Locardia, Tsvangirai Deal Dead Again

The deal between Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his estranged wife Locardia Karimatsenga spectacularly collapsed yesterday after they could not agree over offers made.

The two camps had told the court on Thursday, that they were nearing a deal and that there was very little likelihood of a court case but it seems as if we are in for a bruising fight as the two sides seek a resolution. They are set to head to court this coming week now.

Locardia wants $15,000 maintenance but she says money is not the main issue. She wants her rights as a woman and an apology to her family for the embarrassment of the failed marriage.

As it stands this is just going to get a little uglier we think. Sometimes you just have to buy people’s silence we think. In the grand scheme of things, Locardia has very little to lose but the Prime Minister’s image has this huge pall hanging over it.

Could there be a Makone element to this collapse? Just speculation really.

The papers will be loving this…