Locardia, Tsvangirai Closer To Finalising Deal

Lawyers for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his estranged wife Locardia Karimatsenga say a deal is almost done, which will ensure that the matter is put to rest soon.

Everson Samukange, representing Karimatsenga told the magistrate’s court that the two sides needed a bit more time to thrash out a deal with the expectation that the case will be withdrawn from the courts by next week.

Karimatsenga is seeking maintenance  and ‘rights as a wife’ after she was dumped by the PM last year, November.

Some reports say the deal has been delayed by a change in demands by Karimatsenga  over  a one-off payment but it seems as if these are off the mark.

The PM has gone on to marry Elizabeth Macheka but because he is still legally married to Karimatsenga the marriage is still a customary one. After the settlement the Prime Minister will then be able to register a civil union.

We think that Chematama needs a break right now. With the elections coming up in a bit he will have more than a lot on his hands. He will probably be dropping  few things too but, hey, that’s politics we guess.

But that Macheka  is strong ka.

  • Mambosolo

    LOL, now you have resorted to name calling? Classic

  • Slow_B_O_Dan

    I have a suggestion for Locardia (who is not in this for the money). When she gets the money, she should donate it to or set up a charity that assists du(m)ped women claim maintenance.