Liz Flexes Muscles And Pushes Tsvangirai To Ditch Four Top Aides

The Prime Minister’s wife Elizabeth Macheka has moved quickly to stamp her authority by having four of her husband Morgan Tsvangirai’s top aides fired.

For the longest period analysts have questioned the type of advisors the good PM has and it seems as if Liz has been on the same page.

This is a result of the fall-out over Locardiagate and the casuals do not come bigger than  his chief of staff Ian Makone and head of protocol, James Maridadi. Also gone are policy implementation principal director Pastor Lazarus Muriritirwa – the one who was behind the Nosipho Shilubane debacle –  and  Ghandi Mudzingwa who was redeployed.

However, the government rag, The Herald,  claims that it is not as clear-cut as it looks as the PM does not have the power to hire and fire  as he pleases as people in his office are hired by the Public Service Commission.

It is believed that Liz threatened top walk out of her marriage unless he dealt with the four. Makone along with his wife Theresa is believed to have been behind the ultimately failed marriage to Locardia Karimatsenga. Word on the street is that he was even picking up the tab on her legal action against the Prime Minister.

It’s getting real out there.

That’s what happens when your wife holds you by the testicles.

  • Mambosolo

    What evidence do you have that its Elizabeth’s doing, or you are just waffling like all the other rags?

    • Lol… nice to see you again. We had missed you.

      • Mambosolo

        Answering question is not one of your strong points, right?

        • Thinking is alien to you.

          • Mambosolo

            Ha ha, you just cracked me up. You claim to be thinker, but turns out the Herald does all the thinking for you

          • You opinion. Respect your right to it. Even a broken drum makes a sound.