Kunonga Appeal Thrown Out

The case in which Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga’s Anglican Church of the Province of Zimbabwe was seeking to get properties awarded to the mainstream Anglican Church  was thrown out yesterday with costs.

Judge President George Chiweshe said he had no jurisdiction to hear the case which had already been concluded by the Supreme Court.

Lawyers for the Church of the Province of Central Africa’s Harare Diocese led by Bishop Chad Gandiya convinced the judge that he had no jurisdiction to hear the case and the case was dismissed with costs.

The judge also said that ACPZ should have approached the Supreme Court to seek clarification on whether the judgement handed own affected them.

Jonathan Samukange representing ACPZ say they will put in an appeal today.

The judge president did say that the CPCA had erred in carrying out evictions while the matter had been set down. The evictions had seen a spate of violence within the church leading to the arrest of men from the ACPZ side.

Religion, oh religion.

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