Kasukuwere, Gono Kiss And Make Up

Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono have called a truce after a public spat over indigenisation of local banks.

Kasukuwere and Gono had been involved in a vicious exchange of words through the media. Well, Kasukuwere did it through Facebook and Gono sent his now legendary long communiques.

For the record, Kasukuwere wants foreign banks to fall under the indigenisation law that requires 51% equity to fall into the hands of locals and he has given them a year to comply. Gono doesn’t like that idea and he threatened to tell on Kasukuwere to President Robert Mugabe. He even went on to say Kasukuwere was not ‘fit and proper’. Kasukuwere responded by telling Gono to grow up. Not in those words but he called Gono immature.

The two have now agreed to work things out and take each other’s views seriously. We think the old man, who returned home this past Saturday told them both to ‘sort it out or else’. We are unable to confirm what the or else would be but we imagine, well, a spanking perhaps.

Weird picture that.