Of Justice Minister Chinamasa’s HARDTalk Interview

Zimbabwe’s justice minister Patrick Chinamasa was interviewed by Stephen Sackur on BBC’s HARDTalk this past week.

A lot of the interview was centred on reforms in Zimbabwe and land reform(Sackur called it ‘confiscation’).

The two started off on opposite ends of the table and ended on opposite ends of the table. Chinamasa banged on about sanctions and regime change. He even pretty much accused Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of treason when he accused the MDC-T leader of meeting NATO generals to tell them who-knows-what.

Sackur pressed the issue of reforms in Zimbabwe and what he deemed the ‘partisan application of law’ in Zimbabwe.

Chinamasa gave as good as he got on fundamental questions especially to do with land reform where he said his conscience was clean in making sure that the land was given to the indigenous people. Sackur tried to bait him into pretty much saying that the constitution was racist to which Chinamasa said that noone had complained when the majority of the land had been originally ‘stolen’ based on race.

On the issue of President Robert Mugabe possibly ruling until he was 99 if he were to win two more terms, Chinamasa simply said that his party ZANU-Pf and the people of Zimbabwe would be the ones who would make such a call.

In as far as how this went, it all depends on what you were listening out for. Some were quick to point out that Chinamasa did not know how much land President Mugabe owned as ammunition for accusing him of corruption. Another person watching the same thing will simply argue that the fact that Chinamasa doesn’t know how much land his boss knows is not irregular as it really isn’t any of his business unless the President was under investigation for financial irregularities.

On the whole if you have been following the news on Zimbabwe, there was nothing new in this interview.

You can watch the interview in full on BBC’s iPlayer by clicking here.

If you have watched it already tell us what you think of it.

  • Observer

    Correction on the president ruling til he was 99 he said ZANU of would decide if he should remain leader of ZANU of party. But as for precinct, people will choose whom they want in an election.

  • Mudzvarambengo Tigere

    The land issue is a hot potato. By the way why did they take the land away from the black people. you whites you are bull shit.this is our land. down with colonialismo.