Joyce Banda Boycotts AU Meeting

Malawi President Joyce Banda is really creating a distance between herself and Africa as she cozies up more and more to the West.

Now she has decided that the African Union meeting that was moved from Lilongwe to Ethiopia is too corrupt for her, so she will not be attending. The meeting was moved after she decided that Malawi would not host the summit because Sudan leader Omar Al-Bashir wanted by the kangaroo court that is the ICC would be there.

Since she came into power, Banda has been doing everything in her power to get the West to like her country again. Donor money has that effect on people.

In a news conference she said:

I respect the decision of the African Union to move the summit from Lilongwe to Addis Ababa but I am not attending the meeting.

The western news agencies of course have been gushing and falling all over each other to pat Banda on the back for her stance. Well, them and Botswana but noone really listens to them.

The ICC has called for the cutting of aid to countries that do not arrest Al-Bashir. This of course will set a worrying trend because it essentially becomes colonisation by the back door. The powers make demands and say if you do not do what we say, we will starve you to death. This then makes you wonder how much of the decision to not attend the AU meeting is hers.

We have already said that she risked alienating herself in Africa but by eliminating herself from the conversation that decides the future of the continent, she does her country no favours.

The thing that must be noted is that she is not making a moral decision though. She is making a decision because her Western backers have said that if she doesn’t then they will starve her.

As one journalist Nqaba Matshazi put it on his twitter account:

That’s it. This woman should take her country and mortgage it to Europe

She probably has already mortgaged it.

  • well, Al Bashir has evil .. a very evil man, and I agree ICC is a kangaroo court .. But Al Bashir is no friend of Africa or black people in general. He is a black man that believes he is more an Arab, and has overseen the wasting of millions of African lives.

    I don’t know enough of Joyce Banda’s politics to be able to judge her, but I do sincerely believe that African leaders have been disgraceful in accepting to commune with Al Bashir .. If you want a stooge/puppet for the Arabs/China, Al Bashir is a great example ..

    • But they have to resolve issues on the continent and as long as he is a leader of a country on the continent he has a right to that conversation. Especially since the big issue being discussed has to do with issues involving his country.

  • Zimba

    thumps up to joyce . if shunning human rights abuser is western then go 4 it. its time leaders stand up 4 the voiceless!

  • Creed Yasin

    Al Bashir has killed so many people that the AU should be ashamed of itself. Why should one person cause so much pain and why is the AU shielding him now when they failed to take a stance on Taylor. I am in Malawi and we really didn’t want the summit here because it was going to drain so many resources just to pull it off.

    And thumbs up to Madam Joyce Banda for showing the world that Human Rihts abusers will not be tolerated in our country nomatter who they are. I am also incensed by 3mob’s style of reporting about dancing tho the tunes of donors, why should we not listen to them when all our livelihood depends on the donors giving us a little bit more funds so that we dont end up like another Somalia or Sudan. Africa was mortgaed by the west way back when we sold all our land to them way back in the 19th Century

    • Joyce Banda has not at any point said that her stand is principled. She has said she needs to get donors back into her country. She could not be bothered if Al Bashir killed more. Let us not give her more credit than she is due.

      Besides, the AU conference was meant to put pressure on Sudan to act right.

      • Donnell

        Remind me again please…when was the last time the AU “put pressure” on and African leader, and succeeded in making them “act right?”