Jacqueline Zwambila At It Again

Zimbabwean ambassador to Australia Jacqueline Zwambila is a very strange woman. An excessively strange woman.

Now she has gone a bit further to show how strange she is.

This time she has attended an ex-Rhodesian armed forces commemoration in Australia and even called them privately to have pictures taken with her.

A letter leaked said that one Rhodesian Forces Brigadier Digger Essex Clark, gave special mention to  the ‘excited Ndebele Zimbabwe Ambassador (Ms Zwambila) and supporter of Morgan Tsvangirai’.

Now you see what they did there. the fact that they have to mention that she is Ndebele takes us back to the times when tribal mentions were used to separate us.

But that is a digression. This is exactly like the time when Tsvangirai was seen on CNN in the early days of his party happily accepting cheques from white farmers in their fight against ZANU-PF and its land reform exercise.

How someone could do something so petulant is beyond us. But of course she has done a lot more before (remember the stripping at the embassy incident) and she is pretty much untouchable because of a connection to Tsvangirai. Surely if she didn’t have some hold over him, then she would have been recalled a long time ago.

What hold is that? We leave you to speculate over that.