Harare City Council Kicks Celebration Church Out Of Premises

Celebration Church is in a bit of a pickle after the Harare City Council kicked them out for occupying land illegaly.

The premises in question are in Marlborough and displace the Celebration Westgate congregation of the church. The council says that the area is reserved for a public primary school.

The councillor for ward 41, Charity Bango, says residents had petitioned the council saying that they would their children would be prejudiced education by the illegal occupation of land. The church has since stopped developments on the site and is negotiating wit the council for an amicable settlement.

We think it will end in the same manner that the Emmanuel Makandiwa situation in Chitungwiza. They will come to some agreement and they will have a church and then make a donation for a school at some other site close by.

Or did we just offer them a solution?

  • Mr_popular

    I don’t think its all church’s that are corrupt like that Chitungwiza saga.