If Greece Was An African State…

In case you are allergic to the news, Greece is in deep within its fifth year of recession. There were elections held this weekend which resulted in the decimation of previous parties and the emergence of new ones.

The thing is the politics in that country is fragmented and noone has a majority. What the people of Greece did vote against were the austerity measures tied to the bail-out package offered by the EU and the IMF. The catch however is that the documents have already been signed and Greece needs to tighten its belt or else face expulsion from the Eurozone. That in itself is quite complicated.

One of the parties, an extremist one, called the Golden Dawn has gone on record on its anti-immigration status. It says that it would plant landmines on its borders if it had to, in order to keep the foreigners. Dismiss this lot at your own peril. 7% of the people in Greece agree with it. The animosity towards foreigners in that country has increased as the country has dug its way to the bottom of the barrel.

What is more, the level of corruption in that country has reached an unprecedented level. Noone gets a job because they are qualified. It is because they are so-and-so’s nephew, son, niece or whatever and the person who is offering the job wants a favour.  A lot of transactions are cash, no questions asked.

Looking at that, you wonder with the turmoil there and the threats against foreigners, how Greece is not under sanctions. For all the talk of the maladministration in Africa and how it gets highlighted at every corner, the same thing, and perhaps worse is happening in Greece. They use clever words to make it sound better. Recession, austerity, bailout are the buzzwords. If Greece was an African country, the words would be corruption, corruption, corruption. Followed by sanctions and talk of regime change. And the Africans would rubber-stamp it as the truth.

The difference? The Greeks are white.

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