Grace Mugabe still in SA – Ministry of Police

Contrary to many reports on the social and mainstream media zeitgeist, Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe is still in South Africa according to a statement sent out by that country’s Ministry of Police.

While not naming her, the ministry said:

The suspect remains in in South Africa and has not departed the republic. We are advised her itinerary includes amongst private matters her attendance and participation in the scheduled SADC Heads of State/Governments and Bi-Lateral Diplomatic Meetings already under way in Pretoria.

The communication  also says the Government of Zimbabwe has dispatched note verbale invoking Diplomatic Immunity cover.

So does the SADC thing and bi-lateral thing make the cover a thing?

Wondering here…

Well SA cops said a lot of things. So… meh.

UPDATE: The article was changed to show that the statement sent out is attributed to the Ministry of Police not the SA Police Service.