EU’s New Word For Bribery

In what has become a sensational story, where a Liberian Deputy Minister was allegedly bribed by the European Union to produce a damning report on the Marange diamonds, the bloc has admitted giving the money.

They have however called the 6,000 euros a subsistence allowance. Of course that doesn’t make it sound bad does it? I mean they were just helping the man get by.

Now imagine if Zimbabwe had paid the same man money to get around, would it still be called a subsistence allowance. There would be all sorts of talk about corruption and bribery and how the man was not in a position to make an independent decision because the ‘corrupt’ Africans were lining his pockets.

The use of the word subsistence allowance is just slick talk. In Zimbabwe when bribing an official we also have words such as ‘mari yeCoke'(money for a drink). Not that he is going to go and get a coke with that $100 dollars you gave him but it is a subsistence allowance that allows him to get what you need him to do done.

Slick talk, we say.

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