Why we never really comment on most African leaders

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about why we never really have a go at leaders in other African countries.

Well in reality we never really have a go at any leader of any country except the one we come from because we don’t have the right to.

A boy may know that his father is of nefarious habits but if a neighbour’s children called his dad irresponsible he would get upset simply because the other doesnt understand his circumstances. And also the natural need to protect their own.

In essence I am saying that we are not privy to what is going on there and elsewhere so we cannot say things authoritatively and be seen to choose one side or the other unless the issue is universal and has something to do with Africa, the human endeavour, and anything that affects Zimbabwe really.

As that is the case you won’t really see us having a go at Egypt and its situation because the reality of the matter is that Egyptians can take care of themselves. Let them sort it out. We might have private opinions but some may be seen in hindsight when all comes to be light as premature.

That’s about it really.