Canada Quits (UNWTO) Over Mugabe-Reports

Media reports claim that Canada has withdrawn from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

It is said that the Canadians are sulking over the agency’s appointment of President Robert Mugabe as a special tourism ambassador.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird confirmed the development Thursday.

Mugabe and Zambia’s Michael Sata were appointed tourism ambassadors by the UNWTO on Tuesday at a ceremony in Victoria Falls where the two leaders signed an agreement for the joint hosting of the organisation’s congress next year.

But the honour sparked protests from critics of President Robert Mugabe.

New Zimbabwe quotes a spokesman for the Canadian foreign ministry as saying that Mugabe’s appointment was-

“The Last straw”

While the UK and USA are not members of this organisation, we know that roughly 50% of the United Nations budget is sponsored by the USA so technically they sanctioned this decision.

From an international political standpoint this is definitely the first real sign that the world is ready to reengage Zimbabwe which for a long time was treated like the renegade last born.

As for Canada’s childish tantrums, all we can say is that the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has 154 Member States and Canada was not a power player in it.

In any case Canada is neither here nor there on the world political stage we don’t see this move as signifying anything, it will shake the world just like a storm in a tea cup would.

We wonder if the people of Canada actually care?