Anglican Saga Turns Violent As Kunonga Threatens To Shoot Photographer

The Anglican properties saga turned violent yesterday during evictions at the  Anglican Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints in central Harare.

Six bouncers from Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga’s side were arrested for assaulting guards hired by the Church of the Province of Central Africa’s Bishop Chad Gandiya to secure the church following the eviction. They were then released last night after paying admission of guilt fines.

The Archbishop himself lashed out journalists and threatened to shoot a photographer who was taking pictures. Yes, SHOOT. That is how much he really wants this.

In something taken out of a movie, the Archbishop went in after the eviction and locked the place down after assaulting the guards. After the arrest of the six, Bishop Gandiya and his lot came in all-black-everything, stormed the premises and broke the locks before kicking out remaining members of the Kunonga side.

This will play out for a while now unless someone whispers reason into a listening ear. This is becoming like gang warfare.

But this threatening to shoot people business from a man who is of the cloth though…

With information from New Zimbabwe

  • I hope there is an aspiring filmmaker in Zimbabwe taking notes and getting footage. This could be an amazing documentary. Perhaps a group of young people in the Anglican church (on whichever side)? Perhaps it should be in the style of District 9.

    That said, this whole thing is really quite sad and I hope the tension doesn’t escalate into something else. Where will Anglicans go for the Christmas service? The priests and the congregations should really think about preparing contingency plans.