ANC To Back ZANU-PF In Elections?

So The Herald  says that parties formed by liberation war movements will support each other when it comes to elections in their respective countries.

It adds that Zanu-PF, the African National Congress of South Africa, Frelimo (Mozambique), MPLA (Angola), Swapo (Namibia) and Chama Cha Mapinduzi (Tanzania) will now going forward provide each other with strategy to stay in power.

This is a curious stance if you ask us. It essentially means that while the ANC is happy to play facilitator between the MDCs and ZANU-PF, deep down inside it would really like the former to go away. They want to in essence find a way for ZANU-PF to stay in power.

Of course one could argue that the president of South Africa is the facilitator of the discussions between Zimbabwe’s political parties in Zimbabwe and that the ANC, while being the ruling party is doing SADC’s dirty work. However it does have the power to rein in a truant president. Comrade Thabo Mbeki can testify to that.

Whatever it is, it does seem rather curious that such a commitment be made. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with them doing that.

Unless someone has just jumped the gun.