ANC Welcomes Malema Appeal

The ANC has moved swiftly to respond to the ANCYL NEC’s decision to appeal a decision made by the party’s National Disciplinary Committee.

In a statement issued by its national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu, the ANC said it ‘ fully welcomes the pronouncement made by leaders of the ANCYL’.

The statement added that ANC found it ‘unfortunate’ that the ANCYL had sought to cast doubt on the NDC, its processes and the outcome thereof. It also said that the some of the issues raised would be better served in the appeals process.

Mthembu also moved to dismiss allegations that comments made by him and Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe had a bearing on the hearing saying

Issues that were pertinent to the sanctioned were isolated individually and addressed in terms of why they constituted in the words of the NDC ‘violations’ and consequently how these impacted on the ANC’ integrity as an organization. Both the SG and the Spokesperson are not members of the NDC and therefore they could not have pre-determined through their commentary the outcome of the NDC.

The statement went on to defend the integrity of NDC, saying that its composition had been made in 2007 and that no  proof of lack of its suitability had been objectively made. The ANC says the process was not meant to settle scores as alleged and that none of the charges were for the calls for nationalisation, land grabs without compensation or economic freedom.

It also found the placing of leaders in ‘opposing camps’ as disturbing describing it as a ‘malicious and divisive way of projecting the ANC’s national leadership by some sections  within our ranks and the media, informed by reasons only known to them, which are not based on any facts’.

The ANC went on to call for respect of processes within the party.

Malema and his executive, earlier today held a press conference in which they stated their intention to appeal.