ANC To Sue Artist Over Zuma Picture

South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) plans to sue artist Brett Murray for his painting of President Jacob Zuma, depicting him with his penis hanging out.

Congress spokesman Jackson Mthembu told the BBC he has asked lawyers to remove the painting from the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

The painting worth about $14,000 called “The Spear” is 1.85m-high mimics a picture of communist icon Vladimir Lenin.

The picture has been sold to a German collector. Gallery owners say it will stay up until the end of the exhibition on 16 June.

Murray has yet to comment on the controversy but the painting has conjured different reactions from gallery goers, from disgust to admiration, some have shown pure surprise.

You can view the picture below but we have cut out the offensive bit in respect of  J.Z. but we are sure you get the idea.

  “The Spear” Do you think the painter crossed the line of artistic freedom ?

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