So The ANC Backs ZANU-PF In The Coming Elections…

South Africa’s ruling party the ANC has said it will support ZANU-PF if called upon to do so in the forthcoming Zimbabwe elections.

Keith Khoza ANC spokesman said his party believed ZANU-PF had the ‘experience and wealth of knowledge to benefit the people of [Zimbabwe] and govern again’.

As a fellow revolutionary party, they would not ‘hesitate in coming to their assistance to ensure they are successful’ much the same way they would assist those they had an alliance with.

Some people of course are viewing this with suspicion and calling the ANC all sorts of names.

But everybody needs to calm down. The Democrats have quite happily thrown their weight behind the MDC-T. So have the Australian and Botswana governments. Add onto that CORD’s Raila Odinga. After those pronouncements noone viewed those particular occasions as being corrupt.

Sure, people will point to the fact that the South Africa is a facilitator  in the tiffs between people

The two are kin. They like each other. They support each other. They have the same ideals. So if they are going to back each other, let the do it. It is not as if they will be significantly involved in the actual election is it?

To be honest, should anyone be surprised?