Over 10,000 Messages Back Assange Ecuador Assylum Bid

Over 10,000 messages of support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have been received at the Ecaudorian embassies in United States and the United Kingdom.

The Ecuadorian foreign minister reported that a steady stream of messages of support had been coming in for Assange who is holed up in the country’s embassy in the United Kingdom. Assange fears arrest if he is extradited to Sweden. He says that if he ends up in the Nordic country he will extradited to US to possible face espionage charges after he released over 250,000 American cables.

Among the signatures on the petition were those of film directors Michael Moore and Oliver Stone, actor Danny Glover and philosopher Noam Chomsky.

Assange was charged with rape by Swedish authorities but he has protested his innocence and claimed that it was a politically motivated charge.

Meanwhile Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa says the decision on whether asylum can be granted takes time and is a result of a carefully analysed process.

Dancehall musician Sizzla Kalonji earlier tweeted his support for Assange:

Please grant asylum to Julian Assange. Millions of people will thank Ecuador for this action.

We hope that he gets asylum.

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