Zuma Uses Freedom Day To Help His Friends Out

South Africa President Jacob Zuma is a smart man. Having recently seen off his erstwhile companion Julius Malema he has now taken advantage of the presidential Freedom Day gift to prisoners to help out two of his friends.

Disgraced former Police Chief Jackie Selebi is to see his jail term cut from 15 years to 18 months while fraudster Schabir Shaik, his former financial advisor will also benefit. Shaik is currently out on medical parole.

14651 inmates are set to benefit from the gift with a further 20855 on prole or probation being allowed to go back to their friends and families.

The parole gift is given to criminals who did not perform violent or drug-related crimes. The government says the pardon in general is set to reduce the crowding in prisons from 34% to 20%.

While all this sounds very dandy, it is a bit that someone who has just started a 15 year term is to have his sentence reduced by 90%. If he was half-way through it and got the pardon then, well, maybe we would say that it was not fishy but this just opens a can of worms that noone wants to have anything to do with.

But, I guess Mr Zuma is not afraid of much, is he?

Source: TimesLIVE South Africa