Crime Rate Down – Zimbabwe Republic Police

The Herald reports that the number of crimes recorded this year was 147 586 compared to 148 742 cases recorded last year. That means the rate of crime in Zimbabwe is decreasing.

While that may be the case, criminals in Zimbabwe are becoming more brazen and weirder to say the least. Take the case of the spate of bank robbers we have been witnessing and people who go around gun-totting. All these are types of crimes that were rare in the past; crimes we would have never heard before. And how about the lady rapist?

It is commendable that the ZRP is able to provide these statistics and our wish is that such information is made public more frequently. Members of the public can take a role in assisting the ZRP when it comes to policing our communities and no I don’t meant the street justice that people carry out which in fact is in itself a crime itself.

I remember in the early 1990s, when Neighbourhood Watch Committees were common in Zimbabwe; households had to volunteer someone who would walk around at night as part of a security group. Where I lived, some people where not willing to do this so the committee decide to pay guards instead of having family members making rounds.

That bright idea came to an end when the paid neighbour guards were now the perpetrators of crimes while everyone slept. When dealing with humans there is never any easy solution, however there is never any harm in trying.

Often, people fail to progress because they are waiting for a saviour to come to their rescue. However, we retain the ultimate responsibility to maintain our safety.

The Herald report  did leave me with one question. What is the comparison between rural vs. urban crimes is, seeing that roughly 80% of Zimbabwe’s population live in the rural areas? And that is just one of the questions.