Zimondi Denies Stabbing Girlfriend 15 Times

Pritchard Zimondi, the man charged with murdering his 19 year-old girlfriend Monalisa Chinomona has denied the crime.

He appeared before a Chitungwiza magistrate’s court and claimed that he had not seen his Monalisa on the day in question. The Herald quotes him saying:

I had no squabbles with my girlfriend and on the day in question, I left home around 7am and went to Harare to do my business since I commenced duty at work at 4pm.

I never saw her on the day in question. Our relationship had lasted for three years and my girlfriend had given me spare keys so that I could visit her at any given time. That is all I wish to say.

The fact that he had been caught trying to flee and in possession of her pant and bra will work against him though. He is accused of having stabbed Monalisa to death after she had dumped him. Also it would seem that with the evidence stacked against him at the moment, it would be a bit strange of him to deny the crime.

Maybe he has something up his sleeves. We would be curious to find out what his angle is.

The courts will tell us.

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