Two Zimbabwean Men Stoned In South Africa

For UK-based Pre-Eminant Ndlovu, it was just supposed to be a holiday in South Africa, visiting a friend, while on his way to Zimbabwe.

After a drinking bender he and his friend were bound together and stoned to death by a suspect who accused them of stealing R800 from him. After smoking drugs the the suspect took the two to his parents’ house and then bound them together and killed them. His mother walked in on the bodies and called the police who found him trying to escape and proceeded to arrest him.

Ndhlovu, 32, held a degree in nursing as well as  a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law. He was a highly respected medical professional who had authored a book.

Now we have the loss of two Zimbabwean lives, for R800. Where is the value that humans naturally place on life?

At this point we were unable to get the name of the other Zimbabwean.

  • Ghaiath Hussein

    So sad indeed. I know Pre as a colleague and it is terrible to see this happening to such a promising academician.