Zimbabwean Justice: Community Service for Homicide

A Zimbabwean Minister’s son has been sentenced to 245 hours of community service after being found guilty of culpable  he ran over two children killing them instantly. According local government rag, The Herald this what happened.

[Magistrate] Mr Wochiunga, in his judgment, noted that Tinashe [Madzorera] was speeding and had failed to negotiate a curve.
The court also found that he failed to react quickly when the accident was imminent.
Charges against Tinashe arose on June 30 last year when he was driving an Isuzu double-cab truck (registration number ABI 8771) along Harare Drive at 70km per hour.
He lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road hitting Primrose Mawire (15) and Takudzwa Chenjayani (7). The two died from severe head injuries.

And for that there is a 13 month jail term, 6 months of which are suspended for 5 years and the remainder set aside on condition that he performs 245 hours of community service at Borrowdale Police Station.

Meanwhile Primrose and Takudzwa’s lives have ended. Their hopes and aspirations as well as those of their friends and family gone thanks to a moment of recklessness.

Where is the justice in that? How can two lives be worth a month 27 days of work? Is life so worthless?

The law is an ass for sure.

Although it does make you wonder if the sentencet would have been the same if the person in question was not a minister’s son.

And before you get yourself in a bother, his dad is Henry Madzorera, who is the Zimbabwe Minister of Health and Child Welfare. He is the Senator for Kwekwe (MDC-T).

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