Zimbabwean Harvard Student Named Forbes 2011 College Social Innovator

Zimbabwe’s Dalumuzi Mhlanga is one of three winners of the 2011 College Social Innovator Contest.

It is hosted jointly by the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative and the Common Good column at Forbes.com.

Mhlanga is an undergraduate student at Harvard College and founder of Lead Us Today, a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe whose mission is to ‘inspire, mobilise and empower young people to work together beyond socio-economic barriers so that they can lead community development efforts.’

In his essay Mhlanga writes:

In eighteen months, we have provided leadership-training to 118 students from eight high schools in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Each school is home to a community learning center, all of which have mobilized over 400 community members to design and implement sixteen community development projects such as a fruit and vegetable garden benefiting HIV/AIDS patients with nutritional needs and sanitation campaigns orchestrated in partnership with corporations that have provided rubbish bins. Students in our program have invested over 15,000 hours in five communities and impacted close to 1,200 people. We have also provided internships for 20 students at the country’s top law firms and cultural centers.

It is another proudly Zimbabwean moment as more positive headlines are being made about this great country. Innovation and invention are the keystone to mending Zimbabwe’s profile international and engendering a culture of social responsibility as well working towards repairing the economy.

You can read more about this remarkable young man by clicking here.

Source: Forbes.com