Zimbabwe Needs To Get Tougher On Sex Offenders

I think rape is disgusting. Like Cyrus the Virus said on Con-Air:

 I despise rapists. For me,[rapists are] somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you‘re really thirsty.

Rape is a special kind of evil in my book and going through the papers in Zimbabwe of late, the evil has been on the increase.

It seems as if there is a certain level of impunity with some of the offenders targeting minors along with an increase in cases of acquaintance rape.

The thing I find disturbing in some of there rape cases being reported is that while the papers were happy to name and shame the women who allegedly ‘raped’ men the male offenders have their names redacted.

And these are the ones that have been reported.

And in some cases where one is found guilty not only is the person’s name not mentioned but the sentence sometimes is a bit of a joke. How does 24 year-old man receive only 6 months in jail for bedding a girl 10 years his junior and carrying on the affair for 2 years? 6 months. Really?

And when he gets out life goes on because there is currently no sex offenders registry and there is no public record of his deviant tendencies. That means he will be allowed around kids without suspicion because there is nothing that says that he is potentially an offender. And after only 6 months in the gallows do you think the term serves a deterrant?

The proposed Sex Offender’s Register  can’t come soon enough because as things stand nothing protects the vulnerable members of our society.