Zimbabwe suspends kaylite fast food boxes ban

Zimbabwe has suspended its sudden ban on kaylite fast good boxes for 3 months.

This will allow those with stocks to get rid of what they have.

Meanwhile customers will be allowed to decide if they want their food in kaylite or not.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) chairperson  Ambassador Zenzo Nsimbi confirmed the development via the state broadcaste ZBC.

The government last week announced that it has activated statutory instrument 84 of 2012 which prohibits the manufacturing or importation of polystyrene or kaylites citing environmental and health hazards.

The ban followed a recent research by the University of Zimbabwe which showed that kaylites are made out of a chemical called styrene that is mutagenic if consumed.

The research revealed there is migration of the styrene chemical from kaylites to food simulants even at low temperatures and the styrene chemical has been attributed to causing dangerous cancers.

Other countries like Rwanda and France already banned the use of kaylites.

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