Zimbabwe Revokes Refugee Status For Self-Proclaimed Satanists

Zimbabwe has been able to have the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees revoke the refugee status of three self-proclaimed satanists.

The three were sensationally arrested last year after they filed an application to have Satanism registered as a church in Zimbabwe. They are  George Rene Longange and Ngezi Ngendo Bragston from Congo, and their Rwandese counterpart Busy Mana Thenetse.

Zimbabwe Prison Services spokesperson Superintendent Elizabeth Banda, says the three now await deportation to a country of their choice. As it stands they have to stay in the country until that situation is sorted because if they are not safe enough to go back to their country of origin they have to find a third country willing to take them.

The fear of Satanism in Zimbabwe is pretty real with any unexplained misnomer being attributed to Satanism. There are people who believe in it though which is a lot of disturbing if you ask us.

Some people will argue that freedom of religion is enshrined even in this constitution which will expire soon. Try telling that to your grandmother whose real fears of having one of her kids sacrificed in the name of the Satan.

Then think again.