Zimbabwe Newspaper Websites Struggle Following Mujuru Death

Since yesterday, when the news of the death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s main news sources have failed to cope with the demand for connection from readers all over the world with an insatiable appetite for details.

Some have had limited availability (newsday.co.zw, herald.co.zw) with the site being inaccessible for short periods of time, while others like newzimbabwe.com offline for hours on end. At the time of this post the latter was still not accessible.

What has happened is that people have now resorted to social networks for any form of news as the traditional sources struggle to cope with demand. One of course could say that the spike in connections by users is almost unprecedented but given the situation you would expect them to react a lot faster than they have.

I am sure they will get it right soon, but it does show Zimbabwe has gone more digital than many people thought it was.

  • You mean like the got so much traffic the available server bandwidth couldn’t cope? that would actually be nothing short of a surprise…

    • Anonymous

      That would be correct. Newzimbabwe seem to trying to recreate their site