Zimbabwe grounds SAA

Zimbabwe’s civil aviation authority has as we reported last night retaliated by grounding South African Airways flights.

South African_A343_ZS-SXF__ZRH_20050430_Ramp_sun_MG_1036_Colormailer_Flickr

It is for the same reason that an Air Zimbabwe flight was barred from departing from South Africa yesterday.

That country said Air Zimbabwe did not have a foreign operators permit. Well as we said, SAA does not have one in Zimbabwe either so it is pretty much tit for tat.

SA bars Air ZIm planes from landing, departing

On Saturday morning, passengers on an SAA flight were ordered off the plane in Harare after waiting three hours in the plane for departure. In Victoria Falls, passengers were being ferried by bus to Livingstone Airport by bus.

It is not clear what started the aviation empasse.

Meanwhile vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa returned to Zimbabwe this morning and is expected to open a Methodist Church conference at the National Sports Stadium in Harare..

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