Zimbabwe Cricket: Time to Support The Boys!

Test Cricket is back in Zimbabwe. After six years the highest level of the game makes its way back here.

The team has not performed that well in the long version of the game as seen in the recent first class matches against the Australian A side.

Among the boo boys the expectation is low and we will be bowled out for some pathetic score or have a rubbish middle order collapse. That all might happen but I just think we speak to negatively of our own boys. I think the opposition fans have more respect for our team than we do. We seem to make them look as if they are not capable of getting anything right.

I say we need to get rid of that sort of thing. These boys get life from the same heart that beats in our chest. They are as brave and as fearless as we make them feel. That we expect nothing but failure from them doesn’t make them feel like they we are in their corner when they go to war on our behalf.

I am not saying that they are entirely without fault. My disappointment in some of their  performances I have expressed before.

However, stuff the negativity. If we don’t support our boys and actually will them to win, who will?