Zimbabwe court suspends the suspension of demos

Aren’t we a bit weird.

Kombi protests in Harare

Kombi protests in Harare

Zimbabwe’s High Court¬†Judge Justice Priscilla Chigumba has suspended the imposition of a police ban on demonstrations for a period of seven days following a legal challenge mounted by ZLHR lawyers Tendai Biti and Dzimbabwe Chimbga on behalf of DARE, NERA ZVORWADZA and Chra Harare.

Yes. We got the suspension. then suspended it. Well constitutionality is important but why not just say ban not allowed and then resort to a suspension?

Five bucks says someone is going to wake up tomorrow and suspend that other suspension so they can maintain the original suspension.

It’s like, we’re high on something. It must be some weird teargas thing…

SIDEBAR: ¬†The result obvious… So why was the ban there in the first place? That is the real question.

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