Miss Zimbabwe 2012: Contestants Forced Pay To Their Way

Miss Zimbabwe 2012 contestants have been forced to pay $100 for their camp which breaks up this weekend, according to reports. On top of that, they have been told to find their own way home from the boot camp which was being hosted in Marondera.

The pageant has become something of a joke and has been dogged by all sorts of rather unpalatable things. The bottom line is that it seems as if it has no money and well, money makes things happen.

Previously models were treated to the glamour life by ZTA which used to pick up the tab for the whole schbang . Also there were a lot more people trying to throw money at the pageant. Why none of the former sponsors are keen on throwing money at the new license holders raises a few eyebrows. Could it be a case of sabotage or are have the organisers just failed to get the sponsors excited? Another question would be, why haven’t the current organisers worked closely with ZTA who have waded their way through the storm over the last 6 years? Surely the wheel need not be invented just because someone has been handed a coat of paint to give the place a lick.

As it stands we wonder if there will be prizes for the winners. I mean if you can’t get G-Tel – formerly G-Tide- or even H Metro to be excited about you then you are swimming bravely –  and a bit stupidly –  against the current.

That said, we wish them luck because after all, this is national duty.

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