Zim Man Robbed And Shot in SA

A hard-working Zimbabwean man has been shot and killed in South Africa after being robbed of R20,000.

Colin Ndoro supported his family of five by growing spinach, tomatoes and cabbage on his land in Johannesburg and selling them.

On Monday morning, three criminals, two of them carrying guns, jumped Ndoro as he was collecting his care from where he usually parked it for safety. He was shot and killed and the men made off with the money he had saved.  Collin’s 12-year-old son saw the thugs arguing over their share of the loot and tried to pelt them with stones.

When he saw one of them get shot, he ran up to him and scooped up just over R1,000 which the wounded thug had dropped. The wounded thug is under police at Helen Joseph Hospital.

Our heart goes out to the Ndoro family on this loss and it really depressing when you think of one of our sons dying in a foreign land in that manner.

Sucks, it does.

With information from The Sowetan

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