What is going on at ZESA?

NO.. I am not going to talk about how little power –  or sometimes none at all – we get as consumers. That has been around and we know the reasons why that is going on. That has been exhausted by other avenues and you don’t need me to tell you that whatever they are doing is simply finding very little traction with the public in trying to give the impression that they are giving the best they can. They will argue their side and we will argue ours.

The thing that has me riled up is the fact that ZESA is not networked to synchronise billing. You got that right. Their operations are not networked and by that I mean the computer sitting in one section of Harare is rarely talking to one in another part of the same city. So you could go and pay your Bill in one section and then go to another section of town, even by the next day and be told you are still in arrears. This means that if the wrong computer sends you a bill, you are screwed.

This is happening in spite of the fact that ZESA owns a communications company Powertel, a Class A license holder which brings in bandwidth and provides point-to-point communication for different customers. They are happy to do that for everyone else, and keep their communication in the dark ages.

What is going on there?