ZAR Lounge Sandton Closes

Kenny ‘DJ Sushi Mix’ Kunene would try to make us believe otherwise but it seems as if we have seen the end of ZAR Lounge Sandton.

The socialite and co-owner says that he is merely taking the brand to the people – who knows how –  but sources (including someone we know who he dated) suggest he was operating the popular nightspot without a liquor license. We know all about those on the northern side of the Limpopo.

There had been many rumours that Kunene was eyeing a club here in Harare, a ZAR satellite perhaps, after he hosted the Timbaland show which Timbaland didn’t come to. He had been said to be in talks with the folks at Joina Centre to see if he could get space. Now, with the ‘closure’ does it mean that this venture is going down the toilet? Or will Kunene persist with his look north policy?

As it stands, it is a sad goodbye to the place after just under 2 years in business. He still has the TV show. And that 23 track double album. And…