ZANU-PF Chooses to Investigate While MDC-T Ignores Wikileaks

ZANU-PF says it will investigate the Wikileaks revelations that saw some of its lot going to the US Embassy and saying the sort of thing that would upset President Robert Mugabe and his friends.

MDC-T on the other hand say that there is little credibility to be given to what the newspapers say (ignoring what the wikileaks say its party officials say) and they have taken a ‘it’s-your-word-against-mine’ approach to the whole saga. That is a bit silly isn’t it?

Both parties know that there are a couple of smelly rats among them and they didn’t need Wikileaks to tell them that. But to say that you are not even going to look at it at all, is a bit silly. No, it is daft. The funny thing is that you have one of the supposed smelly rats coming out and saying there is no story says a lot about what is going on at Harvest House.

As for ZANU-PF, it is interesting times. Someone is sweating all over at the moment because they are going to receive a call. After that call they will sit a room with someone who will ask them very difficult questions.

And to answer difficult questions, you need to have very good answers

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