Zambian Political Party Wants To Legalise Marijuana

Zambia’s Green Party says it will use the national army service to protect marijuana fields in that country.

"Marijuana" by United States Fish and Wildlife Service - [1], specifically CASA1_LF.jpg. (If the links expire, the photo can be found by searching for "cannabis" at the GIMP photo archive.) The original file with a watermark is at Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“Marijuana” by United States Fish and Wildlife Service – [1]

Its president Peter Sinkamba says he would abolish the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), including the Zambia Security Intelligence Services and transfer their activities to the Zambia Police Service.

It wants to legalise medicinal marijuana.

Sinkamba said legalising the cultivation, harvest and export of marijuana would earn the country US$15 billion annually, a lot more than what mining at the moment.


Of course the government that is currently in place it is absolutely no plans to legalise marijuana. Uruguay on the other hand has legalised it in its country.

Mind you, it is already so widely used, you wonder why we bother having it illegal in any place in the world except those countries where people get executed for it.

About that Sinkamba $15 billion revenue, we wonder where he gets that from? In essence he says GDP will go up 68%. That is of course no other country plants its own kush.

But that’s none of our business…

With information from Post Zambia