Of Young Rural Boys Who Have Sex With Chickens

H-Metro is running a story about a chicken screwing young man aged 16 from Buhera who is becoming a bit notorious for doing the poultry and cows.

The boy says that he has been giving it to the livestock and poultry every single day. So much has the boy been up to no good that he has caused death to a calf.

Now we don’t think anyone should be doing anything of that nature with an animal, but you have to wonder… What the hell is going through the little bugger’s head? I mean when I see a chicken I am not thinking the same thing he does when I say. “I would like to have me some of that!”. In fact to be honest I see a chicken and I say that is when it is dead and cooked. But I digress.

Reminds me of the man who was having it with a goats because his wife was, well, errr… old. It makes you wonder what is going on out there, in the back of beyond. Just what the hell are they up to.

In fact I am thinking, what was he up to when the thought of doing it with the chicken. What was he looking for? Where do you stick it in? What are you doing young man? What happened?

But then again, the only person he is hurting is the owner of the animals isn’t it? But still…

To read the full story from H-Metro site, click here

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