WTF: Kenyan Police Fire Teargas At Kids In A Playground

Kenyan police did the unthinkable on Monday when they fired teargas in a playground where kids were protesting against the property being sold to a private developer.

Kenyan children teargassed by police.

Kenyan children teargassed by police.

Kids had returned to Lang’ata school after two weeks when teachers were on strike. They found the area fenced off .

Kids at the school are between the ages of 3 and 14.

Activists and teachers also took part in the protest and it is believed that the sale of the property was corrupt and all that.

Some kids were injured and have been taken to hospital.

But hey policeman. You saw little kids. You said, yeah let’s teargas them. You did that.  You thought that made sense.


Social media is outraged. #OccupyPlayground is on.

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