World Health Organisation: Cellphones Possibly A Cancer Hazard

The World Health Organisation is about to change its mind and say cellphones are possibly carcinogenic – causing cancer to human beings.

To put it into perspective, tobacco and asbestos fall in the “carcinogenic to humans” category. Lead, engine exhaust and chloroform are listed in the “possibly carcinogenic to humans” group.

For the longest period the agency has said that there was no significant risk in cellphone radiation. However new information studied gathered by 31 geeks in white coats from 14 countries seems to suggest there is some risk after all.

This is not a yes or no answer. But they are simply saying that there is a risk after all and yes, your phone is cooking your brain much the same way that a microwave does to your food, except not at the same rate.

Hmmm… what to believe now…