Woman Allegedly Rapes Man

So it is not only in Zimbabwe where women allegedly rape men. An Australian woman has been ordered to stand trial for breaking into a house and raping a man.

The charges are stated as criminal trespass and the second as raping a man by the act of oral sex without consent.

Now let’s think about this for a second. The man was chilled in his house and this woman 39 year-old woman came in and forcibly gave him a blow job. I am trying think how exactly he let her go down there. He had options to push her, kick her, punch her –  not that we say women should be beaten but this is in self-defence –  to get her off. Somehow he allowed himself to be raped. Was he disabled? Even if she had a knife, and there are no indications that she had one, could he not take it away? Because she does have to get on her knees doesn’t she?

We are a bit baffled about this one. Unless he got drugged. But still…

Maybe you could figure it out…

  • Thongeffect

    He must have been traumatized… Lol

  • Men can be raped. It’s total bullshit to think otherwise.

  • Jade Davis

    There is nothing funny about this. Most male rape victims are conditioned, from birth, not to use any force on women under any circumstances. Consequently, it is easy for women to rape men because men are not allowed to resist. The result is that most men freeze when they are being raped by women.