Winky D Forgives Sniper; Sniper Apologises To His Own Fans

In a weird way the Zimbabwean dancehall chanters Winky D and Sniper may have quashed the possibility of beef, an article in The Herald implies.

Winky D has said he forgives Sniper for his Kanye West moment at the Mavado show this weekend. For those who do not know, Sniper jumped onto the stage and ejected the Ninja President during his performance. Winky D says this is not the time for battle but rather for the uplifting of the movement. Noble move we say. Nothing about what he may have done to create the situation.

Sniper interestingly doesn’t address Winky D at all. He says he is sorry to his own fans for the way he handled the whole thing. He justifies it by saying that if he had not done things his way, then Winky D would have carried on. The use of the word regrettable in his wording simply implies that he apologises to his fans but doesn’t really think he did anything wrong. In essence he says Winky D created the situation and it was unfortunate that he had to do what he did.

As it stands, this could be the end of potential beef or it could be a ‘stay-out-of-my-way’ set of statements. Noone is sorry for what they did. They both believe they were right.

Have they even talked to each other?

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