Wikileaks Makes For Squeaky-Bum Time in Zimbabwe Politics

Shots are being fired all around. A lot of really explosive stuff was being whispered into the ear of the US Ambassador over the last couple of years by people.

The next cabinet meeting is going to be interesting. There is supposed to be one today. The opening of parliament was on today. There must have been a few people who weren’t settled in that room.

Of course this could be one of those things that will blow over. It could also be one of those game-changers. To be honest I would be surprised if ZANU-PF inner circle members would not have known about members going to have a word with the American ambassador. Surely, you would know what happened. If not, then that is a bit silly isn’t it?

That said, some of the things allegedly said are quite explosive. Explosive, but generally not surprising. They will be uncomfortable for those who are fingered. Or maybe not. If Reserve Bank Gideon Gono is to believed and the good cop/bad cop strategy was at play then there is nothing to talk about. However if it wasn’t then some people will be hot under the collar.

What is interesting is the way the government rag which has generally run with the MDC-T cables, has been reporting on the issue, including one that was a damning indictment on Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga by some subordinates.

Whatever happens, these could be interesting times for Zimbabwe politics. Tracy Mutinhiri might not be the only one kicked of the party this season.