Take Wikileaks With A Huge Pinch of Salt. Make That A Tablespoon Full…

Wikileaks, to most people is about open government and embarrassing a lot of people. It is supposed to be incredibly damaging to the United States and brings a sense of transparency to governance across the world.

However, you wonder if this was a real leak or it was packaged and given to Wikileaks. Not to say that Wikileaks in itself is compromised but you wonder if this is another stage to disinformation and an attack on other countries, something that the US or whoever controls it has done for a while already. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but how much of the information is actually something that is new?

A section of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s top brass doesn’t fancy him much. Everyone knew that. Some of those in President Robert Mugabe’s party think he should leave. You don’t say.

So a lot of the information that you will see in the cables are simply of echo chambers. It is the same kind of compartmentalised disinformation that we have seen for a long time. It just seems like a big deal because the media is used by a pawn to make it look like a bigger deal than it really is.

Think about it for a second. When an American Ambassador has a mandate for regime change, when he reports back to base he has to give an opinion that backs this up. Because of where he stands he is predisposed to accepting anything that is against the party line. So it is essentially an opinion or even a spin on what Nelson Chamisa or Saviour Kasukuwere may have said.

In my opinion, there are  a lot of gems in there but to be honest I think it is not as dramatic as it seems. The fact is that because a lot of what is being reported is without context it seems explosive. We can’t really expect an opinion made in passing 10 years ago is necessarily true now. In fact some could be conclusions made by a person who has his own persuasion and therefore let’s not claim that this means that we have arrived at Gospel-truth.

Now back to my opening point. What if  the US government or whoever controls it could be using this as part of some sort of cyber-warfare? Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? Imagine how damaging a Wikileaks on President Mugabe or a close official (or PM Tsvangirai and his lieutenants for that matter) saying something to an Ambassador that in itself would be taken out of context would be damaging to his party and maybe the country for that matter. Then when there is action by the outside forces at play, it is against a demoralised lot.

It sounds far-fetched, I know, but what if it’s true?